Movement Month

So… DO you keep kids healthy in the sedentary age?


If you’re a movement/pilates/yoga teacher with children, and anything like me, you might be struggling with this idea, in general, and with the lack of movement in your child’s school day, in particular.

Help is now at hand! I’m delighted to announce the MOVEMENT MONTH programme, which I have developed and tested for primary schools in Ireland, but which can be adapted to any primary school, anywhere.

The programme is simple, free, requires minimal equipment and is not disruptive to class. In addition, the changes made live on in the school long after they are implemented. That means maximum impact with minimum input!

You provide the man hours for free and I provide the support material/advice for free.

All you need to do is get in touch and we can talk about how you can implement the programme in YOUR local school.

MOVEMENT MONTH – keeping kids healthy in the sedentary age just got a lot easier!

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