Movement Month

How do you keep school kids healthy in the sedentary age?

Are you a teacher or fitness/movement teacher struggling with the lack of movement in the average child’s school day?

Help is now at hand! I’m delighted to announce the MOVEMENT MONTH programme. Developed and tested for primary schools in Ireland, it can  be adapted to any primary school, anywhere.

The programme is fun, simple, requires minimal equipment, is not disruptive to class, enhances learning and improves physical/mental well-being. In addition, the changes made live on in the school long after they are implemented. That means maximum impact with minimum input!

MOVEMENT MONTH is currently being piloted and will be launching soon.  If you want to be kept informed, please subscribe to my Newsletter.

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Here’s the feedback so far:

“I want to say a big thank you to Annette for all her help and advice.  We initially spoke over Skype and this gave me the confidence to run the Movement Month programme.

Annette provided me with all of the documents I would need to approach my daughter’s school as well as links to research to support the problems with sedentarism.

Annette also sent me templates and questionnaires to help me support the teachers in their movement month journey.  

The programme enabled me to be professional and confident whilst approaching and dealing with the teachers at the school. When I had concerns or questions, Annette was quick to get back to me with help and answers.

I can highly recommend working with Annette. She’s generous with her time and resources and I’m so happy that the MOVEMENT MONTH Programme was a success! My daughter’s school is now in the process of rolling out the programme to be school-wide”.

Janine, Yoga Teacher, UK

With MOVEMENT MONTH, keeping school-kids healthy in the sedentary age just got a lot easier!

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